Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Time for Healing in the Shack

Family, friends, food and fond memories are such an important part of the healing process. We all lost Daddy Corky, but we have each other for comfort and strength. All of us got together in The Shack: a place Daddy Corky loved. What a beautiful gathering in his honor! We talked, looked at photo albums, told funny stories, and ate of course. Through all of this, my thoughts kept going back to one idea. The human heart is truly amazing, thanks to God's perfect plan. Even though our hearts are breaking due to the loss of a loved one, we are able to simultaneously feel happiness and peace in the presence of our family and friends. That is amazing to me and I am truly thankful for my family's sake. I think the smiling faces you see in this slideshow are a perfect tribute to the kind, sweet, loving man Daddy Corky was and will always be in our memories. He was a gift from God.


  1. beautifully written by a beautiful person!
    Thanks for your love and support!!!
    I love you!

  2. Thank you so much for capturing all these moments we will treasure in years to come and for your tribute to dad. I miss him so much. You are my sister-in-law and a wonderful friend, I thank God for you. I love you! Stevie