Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Missing Daddy Corky

What a beautiful man and a beautiful life! We will all miss him. I couldn't have asked for a better father-in-law. He was a sweet, proud grandfather for our children, and a beloved uncle for all the cousins. Everyone called him "Daddy Corky," even my husband's friends and our kids' friends! I only hope he knew how much we all loved and appreciated him! Even though he is with God now, he will be in our hearts forever. (I'm pretty sure he and God are going to enjoy each other!)

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  1. I am sure they will enjoy each other. To you and your family, may the peace of God be with you. As I write this, I have just learned in the last 12 hours that the last living Hubbard on my dad's side of the family has passed away in Waco. My aunt Janie was the last of 11 living children born to my grandparents W.O. and Delia Hubbard from Coleman, Texas. Generations come and Generations go, but each have made a place and an impact on all that were around them. As I viewed those pictures of the loved ones in your house, I thought about the times I spent with my aunts and uncles from Dallas to Coleman to Monahans and that brought back sweet memories....as I am sure it did and will for you all. God's peace and mercy be with us all.

    Kyle Hubbard
    Odessa, Texas