Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Not Quite Spring" Tablescape

I thought I'd share my tablescape with you before I change it! Setting the table (even if we're not eating at it) is one of my favorite things to do. My family seems to enjoy it as well. I just love looking at all the tablescapes on "Tablescape Thursday." Maybe someday I'll get involved in that. Right now, I just enjoy setting the dining table with different dishes and accessories. Of course, we either eat in the kitchen or the shack, so the setting doesn't get moved.

I am a sucker for dishes! I decided to use my red and white French dishes with a few pieces of red transferware and cream, which I love! The linens and dishes I found at Tuesday Morning. Glasses too. The other stuff probably came from WalMart!!

This tablescape could have been much more complicated and layered, but I kept it simple for now. It seems to reflect my mood during the months of January and February: kind of quiet and reflective. The Holidays are over, Winter isn't, and I'm just waiting for Spring!! So, I'll be changing this tablescape for Spring any day now. (I'm rushing it, I know!)


  1. beautiful!
    Love ya much!

  2. Love the birds nest, nestled sweetly in the vase, reminds of the renewal that spring brings. Everything looks so fresh and clean. Two of my favorite things!