Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to Bella Tratta!

Well, to say I've been too busy to blog is an understatement! Beginning in January of this year, God started stearing Koy and me in a new direction. Many, many heart-to-hearts and much prayer led us to where we are now. No more school teaching for me. I spend my days peacefully in my own shop now. We opened Bella Tratta on the 6th of August. (Six is Koy's lucky number! ) Since I'm catching up with my blog, I am showing you what the store looked like on opening day.

Most of our jewelry was made by a friend of mine. The wall, on the other hand, was a family affair! Koy, Tyler and Trevor measured and chalk-lined our harlequin pattern. Natalie and I outlined and painted in the diamonds. Callie and Aunt Stevie helped too! We are always getting complements on this wall, but we don't ever want to do another one!

Here is a shot looking out the front bay windows. I have always loved these windows! Little did I know that one day I would have a shop in here. God knew though. The floor is stained concrete which we all love.

" Welcome to Bella Tratta!" said Presley, one day as she walked in and spread her little arms wide. This photo was taken just inside the front door. It must have looked so big to her! I love to hear her say "Bella Tratta." She gets a flower every time she visits, because Mamsie says so. Keller likes to brag that he gets free chocolate every time he visits and he DOES! Because Mamsie says so. :)

Here are the windows I just love. And the door HAD to be aqua. I never even considered another color!

What a labor of love it's been on everyone's part. Thank you Koy, Tyler, Kara, Trevor, Michelle, Natalie, Callie, Stevie, Mama Mo, Mom, Brownie, Montie Pat, and all of our supportive and loving friends and family!
Teaching was something I wanted to do. I did it and I did it well. Now, however, I spend my days more peacefully and I only hear the "F" word if I'm watching a rated R movie! Thanks again to Koy who knew that my heart and soul needed a change.

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