Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful for the Rain!

What a treat to have it rain every day while you are away! We went on vacation and our plants did not suffer! (They wouldn't have anyway, our sweet neighbors were checking them everyday for us.) But thank God for the rain! Everything looks so lush. And we live in the desert!
As for gardening, I consider myself an amateur, but it's in my blood! I remember my great-grandmother's front porch, flower bed and vegetable garden, and HER out in a long-brimmed bonnet working everyday! I remember the giant kalanchoes my grandparents always grew in their "den-den." And I'll NEVER forget my grandmother's itchy fig tree! I had to get up early every morning in the summer and take my red, Gandy's plastic ice cream bucket out and pick figs. As a teenager, I really resented that fig tree, but now....I'm trying to figure out where I can squeeze one in on our property!
The patio is nice this time of year! It is a place to have quiet time in the early morning, listening to the sounds of the fountain and the birds. It is a place to relax and watch the kids play. It is a place to visit with family and friends on into the evening, provided the mosquitos don't start chomping on us!

This is one of my favorite spots at home. The patio! The fence is covered in trumpet vine this time of year. It's really a treat for me to watch the hummingbirds and butterflies flock to these gorgeous flowers!
This one is a little blurry. The breeze couldn't stop for just a second! But you can still appreciate the orange and coral-pink color of these hardy flowers.

I get to walk by that wall of flowers on my way to the Potting Shed.

Here is a shot of one of our Lily of the Nile blossoms just beginning to open. It found a home around our fountain. The sound of the water is so nice any time of day!

Now this is just too darned cute, but I can't remember the actual name of it! I bought them at Walmart and I think they were called Summer Snapdragons, but I can't be sure and that's not like me because I can always remember flower names (unlike medicine names!)

Portulaca, or Moss Rose as I've heard it called. This is in a basket on the back porch.

Isn't the Bacopa cute right now? I came home from vacation and found it full of blossoms, thanks to that nearly 5 inches of rain that fell while we were gone!

And this is my new favorite! A variegated verbena. It reminds me of candy canes in the summertime.......or those cute little "pink ladies" at the hospital! I just love it! I want it every year!
I have it potted with spider plant and another pink petunia-like flower that I can't remember the name of. Shame on me!

I am linking up with Tootsie @ Tootsie Time for "Flaunt your Flowers, Fertilizer Friday."


  1. ooh oooooh ooooooh!!! I am sooooo glad you decided to pop in and then link up!!! Nice to meet you! Welcome to Fertilizer Friday...I am loving the wall of green!!! I wish I could hide my entire fence!!!
    great post/flaunt today!!! I do hope you will sneak out and snap some more photos each week!!!
    have a great weekend...I think I will pop back into your blog and click to follow you!

  2. the followers button is not working!!!! so I will be back!

  3. Oh so very beautiful, you do have a green thumb. I love your Trumpet vine, it is so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely blooms ... just love that variegated Verbena. It looks great in that pot with the Spider Plant and the Million Bells ... at least it looks like Calibrachoa/Million Bells.

  5. Your patio is very pretty, love the covered fence!

  6. I love how the trumpet vine creates a wall of flowers! The moss rose is quite pretty. I need to see if I can find some in our local green house.

  7. Your garden is just lovely and your pictures also. It just looks so relaxing in your yard (maybe after all the yard work is done). Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your sitting area. We have a trumpet vine wall too. Ours is covering a side of our back deck. Love Love Love it.

  9. Very, very pretty. I love the wall of trumpet flowers!

  10. Pretty patio. I love the sign on the fence and the flowers along side is beutiful. You have lots of little pretties blooming there.